Claasen Shipyards


Sailing competitions

Nico Claasen’s reputation starts to gain increasing recognition in the blossoming race circuit for flat-bottomed racing yachts. He is often invited to become a crew member and translates this invaluable practical experience into clever ideas; such as the smart positioning of hatches that make it easier to carry out inspections and, in partnership with Hoek Design, the application of NACA profiles on leeboards for extra lift.

Claasen becomes a household name in the world of traditional sailing yachts and it comes as no surprise when, in 1990, the yard expands to include winter accommodation for flat-bottomed yachts. This is a strategic decision as traditional Lemsteraak yachts are by this time extremely popular in the Netherlands. Orders for new builds continue to arrive and the increasing interest in this classic yacht also creates considerable demand for refit work.


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