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Claasen joins forces with Vitters

We are pleased to inform you of a major development that has created a new force in the premium yachtbuilding industry. The Claasen management team and the leading Dutch superyacht builder Vitters Shipyard have jointly acquired Claasen Shipyards and will now form the new owners and management team of the yard.

25 januari, 2016 -

This combination creates significant added value for both Claasen and Vitters (and their clients) as we leverage on our individual strengths to operate in tandem while continuing to build yachts in the manner that has earned both yards an excellent reputation.

Expertise and experience

“Joining forces with Vitters Shipyards is a great chance for Claasen to grow further in the niche market in which we operate,” says Joachim Kieft, CEO of Claasen Shipyards. “This development will make it possible for us to achieve our ambitious goals for the coming years.”

Vitters Shipyard is also owner of the yachtbuilder Green Marine in the United Kingdom and the hulls built in this specialised yard will now be fitted out at Claasen. This is another clear way in which Vitters and Claasen will jointly benefit from each other’s markets and expertise.

“Claasen Shipyards has a fine team of people with considerable skills and experience, and we are delighted to welcome them as colleagues,” comments Louis Hamming, CEO of Vitters Shipyard. “The yard has built an impressive fleet over the years and the exceptional expertise of the Claasen craftsmen is completely in line with the identity of Vitters. Their rich knowledge and experience of building and engineering a J-Class yacht will be a major asset to Vitters.”

Continuity and development

The business formulas and working methods of the two companies will remain the same within the new set-up. Both yards will retain their distinctive brand identity and serve specific areas of the superyacht market.

At a management level, Claasen and Vitters will make and share agreements with each other in regular meetings. There will also be closer ties in the project management sphere, with the two yards working with the same suppliers/contractors within the first-class maritime infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Smooth sailing

Both yards currently have several projects under construction. Vitters Shipyard is working on an all-carbon 33 m sailing yacht, a 32.50 m Performance Cruising Sloop and the world’s largest J-Class Svea. The Claasen team will be closely involved in the latter project while we complete the construction of the third Truly Classic 90, Acadia, which will be launched in March. We are also currently busy with a 77ft Pilot Classic and various refit projects.

Visit us in Dusseldorf

Like to know more about this exciting new venture or any of the projects underway at Claasen and Vitters? You are welcome to visit our joint presentation at Boot Düsseldorf, which runs until Sunday 31 January. Drop by stand 7a/G07 or contact us here if you would like to make an appointment in advance.


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