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Service by Claasen

Claasen has a well-deserved reputation for the quality and promptness of its service. Among other things, we can dispatch someone to come onboard your yacht whenever service is required. The necessary docs and specifications are always close at hand, guaranteeing that the yard is never more than a phone call away.

Claasen has an outstanding worldwide service & support network. Our service points and local partnerships span all continents, not least the global yachting nerve centres in the Caribbean, Spain, France, Canary Islands and California.

Examples of Claasen’s superior service include the international service & support team at our customers’ disposal, the dedicated contact person for all guarantee & service work, 24/7 availability, a team of skilled Claasen craftsmen who know your yacht inside and out (many of them having worked on its construction), a well-organised spare parts & logistics service, an ongoing relationship between the yard and the yacht, and short & direct lines of communication with the Claasen team. Our owners know they can rely on the yard for all of their needs.

For service and support after the delivery of a yacht. We can be reached for any questions, and has a knack for solving issues quickly and reliably within a short timeframe.

Contact details:
Telephone: +31 (0)38 386 7145



If you’d like more detailed information about our yachts, from brochures to specs, from videos to media articles, the Claasen team is at your service. Simply click on the link below and fill in your details… We’ll take care of the rest!

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