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High up Wind, Down to Earth

The Dutch are known for their straightforward approach to life and business, and this is also reflected in their rich heritage of maritime trading around the globe. The Netherlands had an influence way beyond its size during its Golden Age of the 1600s and the Dutch would later lead the way in the pleasure boating sector. 

Over recent decades, Holland’s superyacht industry has become a byword for quality. The Claasen story is inextricably linked to this rich history, with a background that reflects Dutch excellence in boatbuilding.

Claasen Shipyards was established in 1985 by Nico Claasen who initially used his expertise and experience to refit various fine motor and sailing yachts. From the outset the primary goal of the yard was to combine traditional Dutch characteristics of craftsmanship and dedication to perfection with a constant drive to incorporate new technologies.

Nico’s skills in tool making and joinery were complemented by his ability to attract craftsmen from the other disciplines involved in yacht building. The yard quickly established itself as a leading force in the Dutch market, building a range of traditional yachts called Lemsteraken to an unrivalled degree of quality and finish.

The renowned Claasen synthesis of comfortable cruising and high performance when racing became firmly rooted in the mindset of connoisseurs, and was further refined by various projects built to the designs of Hoek Design.

Over the past decade Claasen has built Truly Classic yachts such as Atalante, Heartbeat, Copihue, Mulligan, Kealoha and Velacarina. The yard has also been one of the leading lights of the J-class revival and pioneered the new F-class. Throughout this period the Claasen success story has been driven by the ability to offer a truly customised approach to yacht building.

Nico Claasen retired in 2008 and is no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the business, although he still takes great pleasure in offering advice when requested. The fact that many of his original employees remain is a sign of the yard’s team spirit.


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