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Fantastic Second racing day at the NZ Millennium Cup for Kealoha and Shamoun

​Claasen- built yachts Kealoha and Shamoun have enjoyed a fantastic second day's racing in New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Islands.

28 januari, 2016 -

NZ Millennium Cup 2016 Logo​Claasen- built yachts Kealoha and Shamoun have enjoyed a fantastic second day’s racing in New Zealand’s beautiful Bay of Islands. With a clear day dawning, the race was anyone’s and competitors hit the course determined to take honours.

​Kealoha​’s crew​ kept their focus throughout, holding off Janice of Wyoming ​to​ overtake fellow Hoek design Shamoun to claim third place. Meanwhile, a close battle was underway at the finish line. ​Yesterrday’s winner ​Janice of Wyoming proved ​her ​mastery of the last minute overtake, demonstrated with their win on day one, gaining on Shamoun as they approached the finish line and stealing fourth place at the last minute.​

As in Day one of racing, Shamoun’s camaraderie and fun approach to the race has made them firm favourites on the course – complemented not a little by the yacht’s graceful lines with see her slide through the rolling swell with an easy grace that belies her speed.

The Millennium Cup continues for another three days. You can follow the races on Facebook and Twitter. See the event website for more information.

Photo Credits: Jeff Brown


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