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Claasen yachts always make people stop and stare at their beautiful lines, powerful rigs and fine exterior features. Far fewer folk ever get to see their interiors, however, which is of course how it should be as these are the exclusive domains of the owners and their friends and family. Nonetheless, as a Claasen interior is an art of work in itself, we thought you might like a peek inside two of our recent success stories.

15 mei, 2015 -

The lovely Louise, for instance, has a spacious and luxurious interior. Shot in Auckland, these images illustrate how Rhoades Young Design created a style that feels very much like that of a superyacht, with large windows and refined materials giving the allure you’d expect from a Claasen build. The finishing is French inspired and features subtle maple edgings.

Another fine example of how craftsmanship and design come together at Claasen is found onboard Perseverance, the interior of which makes practical use of natural light. Modern and spacious, Perseverance feels larger than her 62 ft length suggests, as these photos taken in Sardinia show. The layout reflects her owner’s desire to sail with a limited crew and maintain all the systems himself. DeVosdeVries Design from Amsterdam was responsible for the design and styling.


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