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Liveblog Superyacht Cup 2014 20-06-2014

Welcome to the third day on the Superyacht Cup Palma 2014! Follow the latest news and developments from yachts built by Claasen Shipyards here. We will keep you posted until the end of the race.

20 juni, 2014 -

16:41 – Visione takes the flag followed by Saudade and Unfurled. We’ll have to wait for the final results for each class but it’s been a great race.

16:14 – Less than 3 km to go now and there is fierce competition in all three classes. Too close to call but Drumfire is having a good race today.

14:46 – It’s amazing how so many giant boats can be so close together. The margin for error is nil! Unfurled now in the lead…

14:16 – Heartbeat still in the overall lead but Class 3 rival Maria Cattiva is in hot pursuit.

14:12 – It’s ‘only’ 27 degrees here in Palma but the crew are still sweating from their exertions. Rain forecast for tomorrow – that’ll be interesting!

13:47 – And they’re off, with Heartbeat taking an early lead, Drumfire in third and Atalante in fifth. Long way to go but what a start for the Claasen yachts!

13:23 – The superyachts are jostling for position in preparation for today’s Mag5 Race in the Bay of Palma. How will the Claasen fleet fare today?

09:40 – Goodmorning!
Good morning from Palma where the full results are in from yesterday’s races. And it’s good news for Claasen fans! Heartbeat was confirmed winner of Class 3, coming in four minutes ahead of her nearest rival. Drumfire was third, Atalante fourth! Firefly came third in Class 1, with Ganesha coming first thanks partly to the local knowledge of navigator Nacho Postigo. Now, a new day dawns.


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